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Intracellular Locations of Borrelia burgdorferi

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Date: February 3, 1999

(see also "Demonstrating the Intracellularity of B.burgdorferi" - A compilation by Harold Smith MD)

Only live Bb invaded cultured endothelial cells.  Comstock, Thomas (Winston - Salem) 1991
Intracellular localization of Borrelia burgdorferi within human endothelial cells.

200 ... 5000 Bb per HUVEC -> intracellular localization of 10 ... 25% of Bb in 24 h.

Ma, Sturrock, Weis (Salt Lake City) 1991
Invasion of human skin fibroblasts by Bb.

Bb eliminated from the cell surface by ceftriaxone (1 mg/mL = 10-20 x MBC) for 5 days, residual live Bb in perinuclear region.

Klempner, Noring, Rogers, Georgilis, Peacocke (Boston) 1992/3 
Persistence of Bb in human ligamentous tissue.  Häupl, Hahn, Rittig, Krause et al. (Erlangen/Nürnberg) 1993 
First isolation of Bb from an iris biopsy 

4 patients IgG+/IgM- , 2 patients IgG-/IgM-.

Preac-Mursic, Pfister, Spiegel (München)  1993
The fate of Bb in mouse macrophages: destruction, survival, recovery. 

reculturing of Bb from macrophages.

Montgomery, Nathanson, Malawista (Yale, New Haven)  1993 
Localization of Borrelia burgdorferi in murine Lyme borreliosis by electron microscopy. 

Spirochetes were generally not in or near areas of inflammation. 3 locations in hearts: 

  1. < 1 month postinfection: mostly in or around blood vessels, 
  2. > 1 month postinfection: in cardiac myocytes, often with clear spaces around them. 
  3. collagen fibers: the borreliae were wrapped around fibers with their long axis parallel to the fibers. 
Pachner, Basta, Delaney, Hulinska (Natl. Inst. Public Health, Prague, Czech Republic)  1995 
Ultrastruct. demonstr. of Bb antigens in synovial fluid and membrane in chronic LD. 

Perivascular areas, deep synovial stroma among collagen bundles, in vacuoles of fibroblasts in SM, and in cytophagosomes of mononuclear cells in SF cell samples.

Nanagara, Duray, Schumacher Jr (KhonKaen Univ., Thailand)  1996 

Bb = Borrelia burgdorferi.
(HUV)EC = (human umbellical vein) endothelial cells.
LD = Lyme disease.
MBC = minimum bactericidal concentration.
SF = synovial fluid.
SM = synovial membrane.

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